Access Control


CardMaster helps manage use of and access to restrooms, RV dumps, trash compactors, gates, warehouses, and almost any device that can be conrolled by a relay-optionally with time limits. 

CardMaster's CM-GC-I GateControl has the capability to control 1 or 2 devices (2 gates-or 2 relay controlled actions) and has features not available on higher cost systems. Using either magnetic stripe cards, or keypad entry codes.  GateControl will control access to facitities, and record access data for management. This can include date and time of entry, what card or access code was used (optionally require a secret "PIN" number", and other user created prompts. GateControl can be programmed to accept the same card/accounts codes at multiple locations. GateControl is available for 120/240 volt ac applications or 12/24 volt dc. Low cost and great features!

Access to storage yard


GateControl CM-GC6 is designed to limit access to facilities using various card choices, with access limited to cards with up to 6 different ISO (system ID) codes.  GateControl access controllers control bathrooms, privacy doors, RV dumps, terminal gates and limit access to authorized areas. The CM-GC-6 version records date and time of each access, but does not record the card number. It limits access to accounts with authorized ISO # cards.

CM-GC-CW controll for fleet and auto dealer car washes.  CM-GC-CW is not for retail car washes.

CM-GC-DC controller for various devices that need access limited, and authorization interval controller by time or relay functions.

Auto Dealer Car Washes

Model  Electrical   Accounts  Opt. Fields   Trasaction Memory       Description 
CM-CW   120/240     999    1               1800                     Control 1 fleet car wash, 1 misc field
CM-DC   120/240     999    1               1800                   Control 1 or 2 devices, air & water, restrooms, trash storage, area lighting, timed usage devices
CM-GCI  120/240     999    1               1800                   Gate control, 1 or 2 gates, 1 misc. field
CM-GC6  120/240     N/A    N/A           N/A                 Gate control, 1 gate/door

Truck Scales

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