Fleet Fueling

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CardMaster is the best choice for control and  accountability of small fleet fueling sites. Other choices will cost considerably more. Please investigate our quality, performance, and after sale support before making your investment.

CardMaster's family of fleet controllers provides choices to meet your needs. CardMaster will respond to either a magnetic card swipe, or to keyboard entry of the card number (along with a unique 4 digit "PIN" security number that you assign to each individual cad/account number). CardMaster has up to four miscellaneous 6 digit fields. These fields can be labeled- such as odometer, vehicle number, badge number, job number, etc. CardMaster be programmed for use of the same card at multiple sites when the CardMasters are programmed with a "system alike ID number". CardMaster data can be accessed in a variety of methods-the "Communications" page explains the many choices, including our newest innovation "CM-VIC" CardMaster with internet/cellular capabilites. 

Industrial - 2 farm pumps

CMII-110 Fuel Controller has the capability to control 1 or 2 fuel hoses (or 2 relay controlled devices" and has features not available on higher cost systems. Using either magnetic stripe cards, or keypad access codes "and a secret PIN or security number) the fuel pump/dispenser is authorized.  CMII comes available with four (4) miscellaneous 6 digit fields.  CMII is available for 120/240 vac or 12/24vcd. Solar panels usually operate at 12 vdc power. Vehicle mounted refueling tank and pump systems can require either 12 vdc or 24 vdc. 

For a more complete list of the capabities and features of the CardMaster please use this link- CM Features. 


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